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Collection: CARIZZA Bridal Collection

Our Vision

Coming from a country rich in jewelry tradition, with the grandeur of the Maharajahs, a young man by the name of Natwar Shah founded his first diamond company. Nearly five decades ago, this newly founded company worked to bridge the diamond trade gap between the East and West. Overcoming many obstacles, as a young man, Shah made the bold move to the United States successfully supplying diamonds to some of today's most renowned diamond companies.

Having reached great success as a rough diamond evaluator and diamond manufacturer, Natwar continued his quest to make a difference by embracing the world of finished jewelry and once again, boldly embarked on a colorful journey that continues to this day.

Our Brand

A prestigious all-inclusive diamond bridal jewelry collection that glistens like the stars them-selves.  Also available in a select choice of precious metals, the CARIZZA Boutique collection exquisitely features a more prominent diamond center, ranging anywhere from 2.00 to 5.00 carats.  The CARIZZA Boutique designs exude opulence, for those seeking unparalleled beauty to last for generations.