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Collection: CITIZEN Watch

CITIZEN watches -- powered by any light -- will never need a battery and never go out of style.

Ranging from classic to modern, sporty to sophisticated, the CITIZEN men's watch collection has something for everyone.

Whether seeking the perfect watch gift or shopping for yourself, CITIZEN men's watches fit any personality or occasion from the business professional to the active adventurer.

Where are Citizen watches made?

Citizen watches are manufactured in Japan, using very high manufacturing standards and exacting quality control processes.  These are just a couple of the reasons Citizen watches are so popular.

Are Citizen watches good?

Citizen is one of the most respected watch brands in the world, and they are so well known for their high quality that every year people spend billions of dollars on these beautiful timepieces.

How to reset Citizen Eco Drive watch?

Resetting is simple - pull the crown to the time setting position, wait 30 seconds, and then push the crown back in.

How to change date on citizen watch?

To change the date, pull the crown halfway out (not all the way out), and then turn to the left or right to set it to the correct date.  Once the correct date is set, push the crown back in.

Citizen Watch Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)