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Collection: LOIS HILL Jewelry

Lois Hill is a one-of-a-kind jewelry designer, with an unmatched ability to reach back into the ancient past and find inspiration for some of the most beautiful designs on the market today. While being inspired by the past, her exquisite jewelry creations rise above mere nostalgia. Instead, her ideas and designs turn into jewelry that’s not only beautiful but is also something truly rare to see - a striking blend of the ancient and the contemporary in the same piece, the perfect blend of the past and present.

Your Lois Hill jewelry pieces will be some of your most treasured and valuable keepsakes, and they can maintain their beauty for not only the rest of your life but also throughout the lives of the lucky daughters, and nieces you’ll one day bless with the gift of a Lois Hill creation. Maintaining and preserving your jewelry doesn’t take much effort, but you’ll need to remember a few important guidelines.  Chemicals in ordinary household items can damage your jewelry, and this includes makeup and perfumes, so always make it a point when getting dressed to make sure you put your jewelry on last. Never wear your Lois Hill jewelry in a pool or the ocean, as chlorine and salt are very corrosive.   Silver tarnishes over the years from heat, light, and humidity.  You can help prevent this by using a simple polishing cloth from time to time.


How to Clean Lois Hill Jewelry

Never use any kind of jewelry cleaner on sterling silver.  Lois Hill uses an oxidation process to bring out the depths and textures of each piece she creates.  If your sterling silver piece comes in contact with a jewelry cleaning product, the strong abrasive chemicals in the cleaner will destroy the oxidation and scratch your jewelry. However, as mentioned above, a polishing cloth is safe to use on sterling silver whenever you desire. Another method is to mix some dishwashing liquid that doesn’t contain ammonia with water.  You can dip your jewelry in this, and then rinse with water (not hot).  But don’t use any rubbing motions when drying your jewelry; just blot it dry with a soft cloth.

These same guidelines should also be followed for your 18K gold Lois Hill pieces, as they are made with Sterling Silver.

For gemstones, it’s important to avoid abrasive cleaners and household chemicals, but you’ll also want to make sure you don’t expose your precious gems to extreme temperate changes.



Lois Hill is not only a creator of some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry, but she’s also a woman who loves life and adventure and embraces every day as a new chance to explore both our planet and the amazing people who populate it.  When it comes to traveling the world, giving back, and taking on huge challenges, Lois has few rivals.  She has been all over the world, literally, and continues to travel and embark on new ventures.  While all philanthropists write checks for worthy causes, Lois Hill not only writes checks, she climbs mountains to help make the world a better place -- she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for CARE International.  And no matter where she goes, or what she’s doing, Lois Hill is always finding inspiration for new additions to her line of beautiful and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.