History of Birthstones - Part 1

Have you ever wondered where the idea of birthstones came from? The most prevalent theory regarding the origin of the birthstone is connected to the 12 stones that adorned the breastplate of Aaron, which is mentioned in the book of Exodus. The stones were said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. The stones were later associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac and were said to imbue special powers if worn during the month the stone was associated with. Ideally, a person would own all 12 gemstones and wear them during their associated month to elevate their individual properties and powers. 


The practice of a person wearing the stone associated with their own birth month did not come about until around the 18th century. Throughout history, the stones assigned to some months have changed due to availability, but our current designation of gemstones was defined in 1912 by Jewelers of America. The list has remained basically unchanged since then, except for the addition of Tanzanite to the month of December in 2002. Whether you believe in their mystical attributes, or you love being able to express your personal narrative through the beauty of your birth month’s gemstone, birthstones are a jewelry option that are always in style.

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