The Avonlea Jewelers Team

William Baxley | Jeweler

Whether by fate or by happenstance, William Baxley became involved in the jewelry industry in 2010 after being given the opportunity to study jewelry repair under the tutelage of a well-known local jeweler. In 2018, William’s clear vision focused on bringing a quality fine jewelry store to Lumberton Texas and to be the best jeweler in the industry. He immediately began to form quality relationships with key people in the jewelry industry, and discovered that by combining his strong work ethic, perseverance, and artistic vision, his dream would become a reality.

William has been accepted into the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the leading jewelry school in the world, to achieve and attain a diploma of Graduate Gemologist. William is a GIA Certified Jewelry Professional, with focus in appraisal and repair. From 2020 to 2022, William was selected to attend the stone setting school at Stuller Incorporated, where he has completed coursework to attain the title of Master Stone Setter.

Most recently, Avonlea Jewelers was accepted as a member of the Retail Jewelers Organization and the American Gem Society, two of the most prestigious organizations in the industry.

William enriches the local area through involvement in non-profit organizations and Hardin County Rotary. By offering scholarships and inclusive events, Avonlea Jewelers stands out as a pillar in the community.

“I am William Baxley - Welcome to Avonlea Jewelers, Where Love Meets Luxury”


 Britni S. | Assistant Manager

Britni joined the team at Avonlea Jewelers in 2018, not long after the doors were opened. In 2020, she graduated from the Cultured Pearl Association of America as a Certified Pearl Specialist. Britni has trained in laser engraving and in minor jewelry repair to assist our jeweler. Britni is open to learning new techniques to better assist customers in designing the best piece of jewelry to meet their unique desires.

Britni is a loving wife and the proud mother of two amazing children. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, painting, literature, as well as hunting and camping with her family.


 Tara H. | Jewelry Consultant

Tara Hollyfield is currently enrolled at Lamar University, where she is pursuing a degree in Nursing with the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse and eventually working in pediatric orthopedics. Outside of her academic pursuits, Tara is passionate about hunting and fishing, finding unparalleled joy in the tranquility of the woods and the river. She prides herself on her strong work ethic and independence, always striving to master challenges she faces. Tara is outgoing and easily connects with new people, maintaining a positive outlook and believing that each day has the potential for greatness.

Her hobbies are as adventurous as they are unique, encompassing activities such as wrestling wild hogs. Alongside these pursuits, her experience in the jewelry business has been an eye-opening journey, cultivating a newfound appreciation for the elegance and complexity of jewelry. Paramount to Tara's ethos is her commitment to positively influencing those around her, consistently seeking opportunities to uplift others and extend kindness in her interactions.

 Yasmina G. | Jewelry Consultant

Yasmina is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for gardening, finding joy and peace in nurturing plants and spending time in nature. She has a natural knack for bringing smiles and laughter to those around her, always keen on brightening someone's day. Yasmina is also a lover of puzzles; enjoying the mental stimulation and challenge they offer. A lifelong soccer aficionado, she has been deeply involved in the sport, transitioning from playing throughout her life to coaching, sharing her love and knowledge of the game with others.

 Shayla H. | Jewelry Consultant

Shayla is a vibrant member of the Avonlea Jewelers team, known for her love of the outdoors and adventurous spirit. She finds joy in training and riding horses, a testament to her dedication and skill in equestrian pursuits. Fishing and four-wheeler riding are among her other favorite activities, showcasing her love for dynamic and exhilarating experiences.

When she's not embracing outdoor adventures, Shayla cherishes spending quality time with her friends and family, valuing the strong bonds and shared memories with her loved ones.

In the realm of her professional life at Avonlea Jewelers, Shayla exhibits a keen interest in learning new aspects of the jewelry industry. Her enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge about different facets of jewelry, from design to craftsmanship, makes her a valued and ever-evolving member of the team.


Tracey B. | Graphic Artist

In 2011, Tracey earned a BFA in Graphic design at Lamar University. She excels in the realm of art and creativity and is responsible for much of the art found around Avonlea Jewelers, from the store’s logo to the paintings that adorn the walls within the establishment. Tracey also occasionally designs and creates sketches for custom jewelry pieces. She attended a course at Stuller Industries where she received formal training in creating jewelry within a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) program. Tracey also enrolled in online courses through the Cultured Pearl Association of America and attained the title of Pearl Specialist. She is responsible for the repair and restringing of pearl or bead jewelry brought into the store. Tracey also helps out around Avonlea in any other capacity required of her.

When Tracey is not working at Avonlea, she is a middle school art teacher, and she enjoys baking, fishing, and playing with all of her many animals.