Collection: Allison Kaufman Jewelry

Allison Kaufman celebrates over 100 years of family-operated fine jewelry. Founded in 1920 and operated by three generations, Allison Kaufman maintains their American roots and preserves its status as one of the oldest jewelry retailers in the United States of America. This company is set apart from other jewelry crafters by offering unique designs and collections. While following the current trends, Allison Kaufman delivers desirable fashion pieces that last a lifetime. As the jewelry industry shifts with modern tastes and appeals, so does Allison Kaufman by creating offerings to the public that inspire and create appeal for their customers. You can rest assured that when you are purchasing from Allison Kaufman, you are purchasing a piece of American pride and quality gemstone craftsmanship.


Allison Kaufman is an excellent choice if you are looking for a jewelry company that can start or grow your collection of fine jewelry. The splash of colors offered by the company gives so many versatile options to accessorize their ensemble. The brilliant shades of stones offered are as light as white topaz and as deep as the ocean with the London blue topaz. A woman can easily change her outfit from work to play and enjoy the various shades offered by Allison Kaufman. The Ocean Deep collection features a variety of Swiss blue topaz, sky blue topaz, and London blue topaz and is accented in diamonds and set in 14K white gold. You will find designs that are both inspiring and exciting with Allison Kaufman. These collections featuring splashes of color will often include rings, pendants, and earrings which allows a man to accent his love throughout the year for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Enhance your jewelry collection with color from Allison Kaufman and set yourself apart with the beautiful collections offered by Allison Kaufman. The amethyst gemstones are especially dazzling in the pear shape cuts. The green garnet is conversation starter of beautiful bright green stones set in white gold. The matching earrings in the green garnet with pendant is exceptional in color and design. These examples are a small taste of what is offered with Allison Kaufman.


The company offers beautiful options of similar designs that can match a lady’s preference for stone or collect the same style in different shades of a gemstone. If a woman knows what she enjoys, a man can easily go time and again to Allison Kaufman to select a piece to enhance her collection knowing the ring, pendant or earrings will already match in style to her collection. The continuity of the company can give the purchaser confidence that the piece will be well received and assured of the quality of the piece. The care and design that goes into each ring, earring, and necklace ensures a 5-star review from the recipient and will add that extra sparkle to her eye.


The versatility of Allison Kaufman brings luxury and diversity to the forefront. If you need that little bit of bling in your life but you do not want to take it away from your current pieces, these fashion pieces can allow you to enhance yourself with that extra sparkle. From small rings that are stackable to clear diamond accents, the brand is easily blended with other lines to enhance what you already own. Wrap yourself in gorgeous ring guards and give that extra sparkle to an old favorite ring. Take grandma’s rings and give them modern charm with wraps and guard rings that can blend vintage with modern appeal. Make your ensemble your own as you pick and choose the pieces that create a cohesive set from Allison Kaufman’s fashion pieces. Whether you want white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, this company offers you beautiful luxury pieces that will receive complement after complement.

Always and Forever

Thinking of that special someone and not knowing where to start? Allison Kaufman is a leader in wedding inspiration. Do you enjoy traditional, edgy, solitaire, or unique? The company offers a wide variety of designs that will set your love apart with sparkle to spare. Inspire your special someone’s heart and begin your future together in one of the beautiful engagement rings offered by Allison Kaufman. Your forever starts here with Allison Kaufman. Does your special someone enjoy that splash of color? You can find that wedding ring she is dreaming of with blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, even brown diamonds, and more in an American brand you know and trust. The bridal selection with Allison Kaufman is truly inspiring and is an excellent display of quality craftsmanship offered in a wide range of options.

What sets Allison Kaufman Apart

Find intertwined bands of diamond, gemstone, and or gold with Allison Kaufman in intricate detail to accent yourself. The company wants you to treasure your purchase gives every attention to the fine details you will see on the finished pieces. From the setting of the stones to the accents in gold on the edges of those settings, nothing is left untouched. Each piece of Allison Kaufman is truly a treasure worth taking home that can be passed down from generation to generation and enjoyed for a lifetime.