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Collection: BENCHMARK Lab Grown Diamond Bridal Bands


Benchmark is proud to be part of a dying breed of U.S. based manufacturers. Manufacturing excellence is at the core of our company and it is our goal to produce rings that are well engineered, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally safe.

Benchmark Classic Bands

Benchmark Classic Bands are far from “Plain”. Classic bands are considerably the quintessential bands many people associate with a wedding ring. Traditionally men and women have preferred a smooth and sleek polished band as a symbol of their love. Benchmark offers classic pieces along with the addition of modern Comfort-Fit technology. This technology provides individuals with superior comfort while maintaining the classic appearance that has transcended time.


Benchmark’s lab created diamonds are not imitation diamonds. They are stones that have the same chemical properties of a diamond and are formed in a controlled lab environment using the same basic geological process of a diamond. Lab created diamonds have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as a mined diamond. The result is a diamond that has the same properties of a natural diamond but with much less environmental or social impact.


Mined diamonds certainly have a mystique about them in the sense that each mined diamond has a unique story. Mined diamonds can be found in a variety of colors that are rare and unique and are certainly known to appreciate over time. All mined diamonds that Benchmark uses are ethically sourced and obtained using socially and environmentally acceptable practices.