2023 Jewelry Repair Service

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Because we hate to see your jewelry sitting unworn, Avonlea Jewelers offers professional on-site repair services for our customers. Our trusted and certified repair experts have the experience, capability and care to take any beloved damaged jewelry pieces and make them shine like new again.


From ring resizing to diamond replacement, we offer a wide range of repair specialties to help get your jewelry back on you, looking and feeling better than ever. Remounts, customization, diamond setting, and engravings are just a few of the expert services we have to offer.


Repairs of all sorts and sizes take place in-house at Avonlea Jewelers. Because your precious jewelry will never leave our sight, you can feel comfortable and confident that your pieces are in safe hands from the moment you drop them off to the moment you return to pick it up!

The Experts

Don’t trust your valuable and cherished jewelry to just anybody. Complex repairs and remounts require nothing short of an expert jewel smith. Our jeweler promises our customers professional quality and a quick repair time on the following services:

  • jewelry repair

  • necklace repair

  • bracelet repair

  • ring resizing

  • earring repair

  • jewelry engraving

  • gold jewelry repair

  • silver jewelry repair

  • diamond replacement 

  • diamond setting


Laser Jewelry Repairs

There are many situations where the use of a jeweler’s torch is prohibitive. It is not wise to wave a flame over sensitive, delicate gemstones or sensitive materials in fine jewelry. In the past, that would dictate that the gemstones near the area to be worked on would have to be removed to perform the task. 

We employ state of the art technology which enables our jeweler to perform precision laser jewelry repairs on fragile or intricate items that might otherwise be damaged by a torch. 


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