Top 40 Unique Groomsmen Gifts (Under $100)

Thanking your best man and groomsmen with awesome, often personalized gifts can be one of the most important and impactful things you'll do as a groom. We here at Avonlea Jewelry understand how difficult the pre-wedding season can be, so we’ve done the hard work for you by putting together this thoughtfully researched and assembled list of unique groomsmen gift ideas.

1.  Fielder Folding Knife - $27.95 - Perfectly suited both for everyday carry or out in the field, this Fielder Folding Knife from SOG will make a great gift for  your groomsmen. And if you want to want to make sure it’s something they’ll carry as often as possible, considering getting the wood inlaid handle engraved!


2.  Wooden Beer Caddy - $32.99 - Who doesn’t want a personalized six-pack holder with a built-in bottle opener? This wooden beer caddy is not only stylish but also practical and offers 5 different monogram designs so your groomsmen will never forget who gave it to them.

Wooden Beer Caddy


3.  Holtz Fine Leather Men’s Casual Belt- $70.00 - Here’s the deal—literally everyone wears (or should wear) a belt. What better way to show your groomsmen how much they mean to you than to get them something they’ll actually need and hopefully use on a daily basis? These fine leather belts come in three different colors and offer monogramming as well as the option to add a “secret message on the inside.”

 Holtz Fine Leather Men’s Casual Belt

4.  Classic Chrome Zippo Lighter - $30.90 - Everyone needs a good lighter, and everyone knows Zippo makes the very best lighters on the planet. What better way to say “thank you” to your groomsmen for taking part in your special day than to get them their own personalized Zippo? With tons of colors and finishes available, you’re bound to find something for everyone.

 Zippo Lighter

5.  Slate Coasters, set of 4 - $29.95 - Coasters are one of those things that everyone needs but no one wants to buy. With these monogrammed slate coasters, however, you can get your groomsmen a necessary yet stylish and functional set of some of the best coasters around. Help your groomsmen put a stop to water rings once and for all with black slate coasters which are perfect for whiskey, beer, wine, and more.

Slate Coasters

6.  Cigar Humidor - $52.00 - If you and your groomsmen are into cigars, grab a few to celebrate before the wedding and then send them home with their own custom engraved humidors! Available in three different finishes, these cedar-lined humidors hold up to 20 cigars and will look awesome wherever your groomsmen decide to show them off.

 Cigar Humidor

7.  Wood State Beer Cap Map - $39.00 -  Tasting different beers from around the state has become almost a rite of passage among true craft beer drinkers, and this Wood State Map from Beer Cap Maps is just what your groomsmen need to show off their tastes. Available in all 50 states or as a map of the entire US, these are the perfect way for your groomsmen to show off their cap collections in style.

 Wood State Beer Cap Map

8.  The Carry On Cocktail Kit - $24.00 - Make your groomsmen’s next flights ‘first class’ by upgrading their cocktail game with The Carry On Cocktail Kit. With many different cocktail options to choose from, ranging from an Old Fashioned to a Margarita, your groomsmen are sure to make the most of their next flights with these TSA-compliant cocktail kits.

Carry On Cocktail Kit

9.  Vintage Secret Book Safe - $27.00 - We can’t be the only ones who have thought about how cool it would be to have a secret compartment hiding inside of an old book, right? These Vintage Secret Book Safes from Secret Storage Books will make your groomsmen feel like the sophisticated and mysterious guys they are. These book safes are available in all sorts of sizes and titles; from cookbooks to best-sellers and everything in between, you’re bound to find the perfect book safe for each of your groomsmen.

 Vintage book safe

10.  Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit - Give your groomsmen the best beard grooming and trimming kit around with this gift set from Rapid Beard. With 100% natural and organic beard oil and balm, stainless steel beard scissors, a boar bristle beard brush and natural wood comb, this kit has everything your groomsmen need to grow and style the burly beard they’ve always wanted.

 Beard Trimming Kit

11.  Leather Luggage Tags - $30.00 - I know what you’re thinking: Really? Luggage tags? Yeah man, luggage tags. Hear me out: anyone who does any sort of travelling at all needs luggage tags, and these are as manly as you’ll find. Made of thick, top grain leather and secured with a stainless steel cable, these tags couldn’t look better or be more rugged. Save your groomsmen valuable time at the airport by treating them with these personalized customer leather luggage tags.

 Leather Luggage Tags

12.  The Ember Smart Mug, 10 oz. - $79.95 - Coffee is an important part of most people’s lives, and the Ember Smart Mug is here to help you enjoy that coffee even longer. This mug will allow your groomsmen to set an exact drinking temperature that’s just right for each of them, then it’ll maintain that temperature for 90 minutes. Easy to clean and easy to use, you can’t go wrong upgrading your groomsmen’s coffee games with this temperature-controlled mug.

 Ember Smart Mug

13.  Groomsmen Socks - $12.00 - While socks are definitely on the cheaper side of items on this list, they may also be one of the most important. You’ve probably already picked out the suits/tuxedos they’ll be wearing, but why not upgrade their sock experiences by getting them the color they need while also including a personalized message for each of your mates?

Groomsmen Socks

14.  Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks and Tie Clip Set - $41.00 - Few things are as classy as cuff links and a tie clip, but this Bourbon Barrel set from Hart Wood Co. takes it to the next level. As you’d expect, these are made from a used bourbon barrel and are cut to show off the charred surface from inside the barrel. Choose from different styles, finishes, and fonts to create truly unique gifts for each of your groomsmen.

 Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks

15.  Antique Brown & Gold Flask Gift Set - $34.00 - This personalized flask set has everything your groomsemen will need (minus the alcohol, of course) to carry their favorite spirit in style. The 6oz stainless steel flask is wrapped with an antique brown leather material, and the box includes 2 shot glasses and a filling funnel.

Gold Flash Gift Set

16.  Whiskey Box Set - $59.95 - Another one for the whiskey fans here, your groomsmen are sure to love this personalized whiskey set which comes complete with two rocks glasses, nine whiskey stones, and a personalized wooden gift box. Both the box and the glasses are able to be personalized so you can customize these to be exactly as your groomsmen would want.

Whiskey Box Set

17.  Waxed Canvas & Leather Dopp Kit - $32.95 - Dopp kits are definitely ‘in’ these days, so treat your groomsmen right with this waxed canvas and leather dopp kit. The waxed canvas is water-resistant and the wide 13” zipper opening makes this dopp kit a breeze to access, while the zipper pull and handle make this just as easy to grab and go as well. Send your groomsmen out in style, and personalize it with their initials to give it that special touch.

Dopp Kit
18.  Home State Magnetic Key Holder - $44.00 - Okay, this way may seem a bit out there to you, but as someone that’s seen one of these things in action, you couldn’t get your groomsmen a more practical or useful gift than one of these Home State Magnetic Key Holders. Help your groomsmen never lose their keys again by getting them this stylish but vital key holder from The Wooden States of America.

 Home State Key Holder

19.  Leather Journal - $82.00 - Rustico has produced this handmade leather messenger journal to be “as versatile in a boardroom as it is on a hiking trail,” and it sure looks the part. Handcrafted from top grain leather and secured by a double tie wrap and fold-over flap, your groomsmen are going to show this journal off every chance they get.

 Leather Journal

20.  Beer Growler - $35.00 - This is an awesome gift idea for your groomsmen who are home brewers, craft beer lovers, or both! Get this 64oz amber glass beer jug personalized or carved so that your groomsmen can better share their home brew and/or purchase and transport from their favorite pub.

Beer Growler Groomsmen Gift Idea

21.  Craft Beer Making Kit - $56.99 - And while we’re on about craft beer, it’s never been easier to get into craft beer making, so if your groomsmen are into that at all, this Craft Beer Making Kit from Northern Brewer could be the perfect way to get them started. This kit includes everything they’ll need to brew, including a fermentation bottle, bottle capper and caps, beer recipe, and bottle labels.

Craft Beer Making Kit - Groomsmen Gift Idea

22.  Louisville Slugger Custom Wooden Baseball Bat - $59.95 - Because who doesn’t want an engraved wooden baseball bat? Louisville Slugger, the maker of many of the bats used by Major League Baseball players, offers tons of customizations from colors, finishes, logos and more. Get your groomsmen a gift they’ll want to show off in their office or man cave!

Louisville Slugger Custom Wooden Baseball Bat - Groomsmen Gift Idea

23.  Hard Leather Valet Tray - $79.99 - If we’re honest, as men we’re often pretty messy. Help your groomsmen be a little better organized and put together with this Hard Leather Valet Tray from Saddleback Leather Co. This tray is built from durable MDF wood and then wrapped in full-grain leather, and since it’s 8” x 8” in size, it’s perfect for holding keys, loose change, a cell phone, wallet, and more. Oh, and it’s got a 100-year warranty—how do you beat that?

 Hard Leather Valet Tray - Unique Groomsmen Gift Idea

24.    Deluxe Fire Starting Kit - $26.00 - Because we never know when we may need to start a fire in a pinch, Townsends has created the Deluxe Fire Starting Kit, giving those with even little to no outdoor experience the tools and direction they need to build a roaring fire in no time. This set includes a steel striker with two pieces of flint, tinder, charcloth, tin boxes, and an instructional Fire Starting DVD.

Deluxe Fire Starting Kit - Groomsmen Gift

25.  Waxed Canvas Tote Bag with Two Widemouth Glencairn Glasses - $59.00 - The Bourbon Traveler Series Gift Set by The Bourbon Outfitter is perfect for your whiskey-loving groomsmen. This waxed canvas tote is the perfect way for your groomsmen to bring home or share their favorite bottle of whiskey, and it also comes with two widemouth Glencairn glasses to take sipping their experience to the max.

Waxed Canvas Tote Bag with Two Widemouth Glencairn Glasses
26. Bourbon Barrel Head - $75.00 - And while we’re on the topic of bourbon, this Personalized Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Head may be exactly what your groomsmen need to put the finishing touches on their man cave or office. Made from a reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrel head and customized with whatever text you want, this 21” barrel head comes with hanging hardware and is ready for your groomsmen to mount straight out of the box.

Bourbon Barrel Head

27.  Bow Tie & Suspenders Set - $50.00 - Make sure your groomsmen are suited up properly, for your wedding day and beyond. This Bow Tie & Suspenders Set from Apt. 9 comes in a handful of color choices and is the perfect way for your groomsmen to look the part at your wedding and turn a few heads afterward.  

 Bow Tie & Suspenders Set

28.  Norlan Whisky Glass, Set of Two - $48.00 - For your groomsmen who are really into spirits, look no further than the Norlan Whisky Glass, a double-walled glass designed to dramatically improve the spirit drinking experience. This award-winning glass is guaranteed to upgrade the smelling and tasting experiences your groomsmen have with their whisky.
Norlan Whisky Glass, Set of Two - Groomsmen Gift Idea
29.  Wax Leather Care Kit + Cleaning Brush Set - $44.95 -  Leather is one of the most rugged and dependable materials out there, so it’s no wonder that leather clothing items are everywhere; from boots to belts to bags and beyond, almost all of us own at least a few leather items. This is where the Wax Leather Care Kit + Cleaning Brush Set from Otter Wax comes in handy. Give your groomsmen the tools they need to keep their leather in the best shape possible with this box set which includes everything they need including soaps, salves, oil, wax, and more.

Wax Leather Care Kit + Cleaning Brush Set
30.  Wooden Bow Tie - $45.00 - Bow Ties have made quite a comeback in recent years, but Two Guys Bow Ties are here to help your groomsmen elevate their fashion game even more with their customizable Wooden Bow Ties. With more than 10 different choices of wood, more than 20 different choices in fabric, and the ability to make custom engravings on the back, you’re certain to find something for all of your groomsmen.

Wooden Bow Tie

31.  Wood Watch with White Marble Face - $99.97 - If you want to get your groomsmen the best of the best, look no further than the wooden watches of Lux Woods. They hand make each and every watch which assures that each one is as unique as it’s future owner. Lux Woods also has a passion for the environment and for ending childhood hunger, so not only do these make great groomsmen gifts, but they also help make a real difference in the world.

Wood Watch with White Marble Face

32.  Rustic Wooden Watch Box - $39.85 - And while we’re on the topic of watches, maybe instead of another watch what your groomsmen need is a watch box. These handmade rustic style watch boxes are decorated with a graphic of an old map of the world and hold up to six watches. And make sure your groomsmen know how much they mean to you with customized text either inside or outside the box.
Rustic Wooden Watch Box - Groomsmen Gift Idea
33.  Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool - $59.95 - The Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool is your go-to tool for projects around the house, at the office, or out in nature. This stainless steel, pocket-sized multi-tool features spring-action pliers and wire cutters, a wire stripper, combo knife, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, screwdrivers, and more. Make sure your groomsmen never find themselves in a pinch!

Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

34. Groomsman Golf Towel - $19.99 - Got any golfers in your group? If so, these personalized Groomsmen Golf Towels may be exactly what you’re looking for. Put your groomsmen’s names and roles in your wedding (or whatever else you want) on these, and they’ll be sure to appreciate you each and every time they have to clean off a club on the course.

Groomsman Golf Towel

35.  Hatchet - $65.00 - This handmade custom engraved hatched from Staghead Designs is sure to be a crowd pleaser among your groomsmen. Customize it with their names and even a picture to let them know how important they are to you, and this hatchet will almost certainly be a keepsake of theirs for many years. Hand-sanded, stained, and made to order, you can make sure your groomsmen are ready for anything with these!


36.  Insulated Sit ‘n Sip Cooler Chair - $44.99 - When it comes to practical use, it’ll be hard to find anything to top the Personalized Cooler Chair. Choose from over 20 different colors and get it embroidered with whatever you want to fit each of your groomsmen, and they’ll be set for years. It’s great for tailgating, camping, or just hanging out, and has plenty of room for all of their favorite drinks as well as extra pockets for keys, snacks, and more. Oh, and it’s also a chair. Make sure your groomsmen are set for all of their adventures!

Insulated Sit ‘n Sip Cooler Chair
37.  Full Grain Leather Bifold Wallet - $85.00 - Wallets are one of those things we use every single day yet rarely give much thought to them. So why not treat your groomsmen with some of the best leather wallets available? Made of full grain leather with slots for bills and up to eight credit cards, this beautiful bifold wallet is available in numerous colors and offers RFID blocking as well. And you can even get them monogrammed for that extra special touch.

Full Grain Leather Bifold Wallet

38.  Flight Paddle with Chalk Board Surface - $32.35 - For your groomsmen who are really into beer/wine/whiskey, this rugged chalkboard surface flight paddle might be exactly what they need. With options for four or six glasses, chalkboard surfaces to write on, and a 1/2" black pipe handle, this industrial-looking holder is ready for any and all tasting occasions!

Flight Paddle with Chalk Board Surface

39. DoubleNest® Hammock - $69.95 - Because who doesn’t like to hang in a hammock? ENO is one of the best in the business and has a great reputation for making awesome, long-lasting hammocks. The DoubleNest Hammock is soft, fast-drying, and breathable, and it comes with it’s own attached compression sack so it go almost anywhere your groomsmen can.

DoubleNest® Hammock

40. Tactical Crosshatch Sling Pack - $89.99 - This crosshatch sling pack from First Tactical might seem a little over the top, but with its 1000D tough nylon, repositionable compressions straps, 19.1-liter capacity and seven total pockets, this extremely rugged and durable pack may be exactly what your groomsmen didn’t even know they needed. Treat your groomsmen with the last sling bag or backpack they’ll ever need.

Tactical Crosshatch Sling Pack
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