Avonlea Jewelry Teams Up with Rembrandt Charms to Support Local Heroes

Avonlea Jewelry has teamed up with Rembrandt Charms to give away several sterling silver charm bracelets to ALTUS Emergency Centers in Lumberton, TX. The bracelets will be given to front-line workers and other heroes at the hospital in appreciation for their selfless dedication during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Thanking the Covid-19 heroes in our community is important to us,” states William Baxley, owner of Avonlea Jewelry.

“Locally, so many people have dedicated themselves to the cause, helping others during the pandemic. With Rembrandt Charms, we can express our appreciation and show our support to these altruistic, dedicated individuals.”

 “We reached out to Avonlea, a well-known and respected jeweler in Lumberton, TX,” states Eric Lux, Vice President, Rembrandt Charms. “They were eager to partner with us to give back to some of the heroes at ALTUS Emergency Centers. We will be donating the charm bracelets for them to present to the hospital. We all want to thank the many heroes out there. During the coming weeks, we will be teaming up with other prominent jewelers across the country to give back to their communities as well.”

Rembrandt’s Covid-19 Charm Collection was created in response to countless requests from charm collectors who wanted specific Covid-19 charms to add to their bracelets, or to give to their loved ones and to heroes in their communities.  Rembrandt’s Covid-19 charms are flying off the shelves!  Whether it’s for medical professionals, first responders, essential workers, new graduates and others, these charms hold special meaning to charm collectors.


Avonlea Jewelry and Altus Lumberton Hospital

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