Six Classic Jewelry Styles Every Woman Should Own

When shopping for jewelry, finding designs that align with your style and personality is crucial. Not only that, they should also be timeless, never going out of fashion, and turn heads with their appeal whenever worn. Why does it matter, you ask? Well, picture elegance, sophistication, and the potential for a solid return on investment. Buying and investing in fine jewelry is great if your final choices encompass all of these factors. So, how do you find those enduring pieces? Lucky for you, we've got your back. Brace yourself for a collection of must-have jewelry styles that are here to stay.

1. Tennis Bracelets – Timeless Court Glam

The term 'tennis bracelet' has a well-known origin story, credited to Chris Evert, who famously wore, lost, and found it during a match. Also referred to as eternity bracelets, they feature a string of precious gemstones, typically diamonds, encircling the wrist in a continuous loop. While often associated with high society and country club fashion, tennis bracelets can elevate any outfit effortlessly. When worn alone, they exude an air of classy minimalism yet can also be paired with a timepiece or a cocktail ring for a touch of flamboyance. While larger diamonds may be highly coveted, don't fret if they're out of reach. Delicate variations still offer a charming option worth considering.

2. Diamond Studs – Dazzle Redefined

Stud earrings have a rich history spanning thousands of years, but it wasn't until about 150 years ago, when Queen Victoria commissioned a pair for herself, that they truly earned their status as a timeless classic. Since then, women worldwide have proudly adorned themselves with these elegant gems. Over the decades, stud earrings have become a symbol of sophistication and impeccable taste. The most coveted choice is the round-cut diamond, renowned for its dazzling sparkle. However, princess cut and marquise cut diamonds also offer alluring alternatives. These earrings are versatile, suitable for any season and any occasion, effortlessly complementing any outfit. To maximize their impact, wear them with an updo or with your hair pinned back.


3. Gold or Diamond Hoop Earrings – Effortless Chic

Like the timeless combination of blue jeans and a white shirt, hoop earrings are an absolute wardrobe essential for every woman. Gold and diamond hoops stand as eternal classics, whether it's the snug huggie style, the medium hoops that flatter almost any face shape, or the bold, large hoops that make a bold fashion statement. While plain gold hoops and diamond-studded ones are popular choices, don't overlook the charm of the textured, station, and uniquely designed hoops that effortlessly elevate your style game. Mix and match gold and diamond hoops for a creative twist. While hoops may not have the formal appeal of studs, they exude character and ignite a youthful, individualistic vibe to your overall look.


4. Fine Jewelry with Colored Gemstones – Exquisite Hues

While diamonds may seem synonymous with classic jewelry, the truth is that colored gemstones can steal the show and create truly iconic pieces. These vibrant stones add a touch of excitement to any outfit, striking a perfect balance without being excessive. Just think of Kate Middleton's captivating sapphire ring or Jessica Simpson's stunning ruby. When incorporating colored gemstones, it's important to consider how they match or complement your attire and other colored jewelry you plan to wear. Remember, in this case, "less is more." A single standout piece is all you need to make a bold statement and draw attention to your unique style.


5. Wide Band or Statement Rings – Showstopper Style

Who says a statement ring can't embody classic elegance? Wide band rings have long captivated those with the confidence to wear them with flair. They make for striking engagement rings and serve as eye-catching accessories for special occasions. The generous surface area of wide bands allows for creative expression through intricate embellishments, textures, and exquisite craftsmanship. Additionally, they make ring stacking effortless, and you can even find statement rings that give the illusion of a stacked set all on their own. Versatile and prominent, wide band rings effortlessly complement any outfit, requiring minimal accessories to make a stylish impact.


6. Initials Pendant - Signature Identity

There’s something eternally charming and quaint about an initial pendant necklace. It helps you carry an intrinsic part of yourself – your name, which makes it ideal for the woman with a strong sense of identity. Not to mention, it is a great gift. Even Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian have sported initial pendants. Whether you prefer the warmth of gold or the icy sparkle of diamonds, there are options to suit your style preferences and budget. These necklaces are perfect for everyday wear and casual outings with friends, effortlessly adding a personalized touch to any ensemble.



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