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Collection: INOX Jewelry

INOX is a premier brand featuring men’s jewelry since the year 2000. INOX Men’s Jewelry is an American born company with headquarters located in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Featured around the world, INOX offers fashion jewelry that allows a person to distinguish themselves in style while backed with a limited one year warranty. The quality and craftsmanship of INOX brings luxury and stylish pieces with affordable price points. A person can easily create a collection of jewelry pieces to match any wardrobe or function from INOX with over 3,000 styles of stainless-steel jewelry to peruse, choose, and collect. Invest in yourself with INOX Men’s Jewelry today and elevate your style with many different necklaces, chains, pendants, rings, and bracelets to choose from. Several collections from INOX have matching pieces allowing you to easily create a cohesive look with classic, contemporary, and urban alternatives available. Many of INOX’s jewelry pieces can be engraved as well. Give that someone special an INOX piece today with confidence. Suit your fashion needs today with INOX Men’s Jewelry. 


Of the many different styles and materials available with INOX, leather is a timeless classic that can be dressed up or dressed down. INOX uses leather with carbon fiber, stainless steel, sterling silver and other elements to offer many different bracelet and cuff styles to choose from. You can also own several INOX leather bracelets and stack them for a modern look. As you compare the different INOX leather bracelets, you will notice different features and accents. Offered in black, gray, blue, tan, and brown leather, the bracelets are then paired with stainless steel clasps that function on magnetic slides. You will be hard pressed to find small clips or lobster clasps to struggle with in the INOX collection. INOX offers ease of wear with quality creations meant to last.  Men's Gray Soft Python Snake Leather Bracelet featuring a Hinged Polished Finish that is set in 925 Sterling Silver Clasp is just one of the many creations INOX has made to feature luxury, form and fashion together in the men’s jewelry industry. 


INOX Men’s Jewelry offers an abundance of choices in the men’s rings collection. The ring sizes suit a range of needs from a 7 to a 15. Featuring both stylish, a variety of accents, as well as matrimonial rings, INOX has a wide range of rings to suit any need or desire. INOX rings are created in stainless steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, solid carbon, and Damascus steel. From American flags to crosses and fish, INOX offers a wide variety to choose from for Men’s jewelry rings in durable materials meant to last. A favorite of many customers is the whiskey barrel inlay on stainless steel. These rings are sure to be a talking point worth bragging about. With the affordable price point of INOX rings, you can own several and wear a ring to match or accent your style from one day to the next. Did you know you can own a piece of meteorite? With the INOX rings, you can own, wear and show off a piece of the universe that is out of this world. The INOX meteorite rings are Certified with Muonionalusta Iron Meteorite which represents the core of an asteroid. The meteorite materials landed in northern Scandinavia over 120,000 years ago and can be on your man’s finger today!


The INOX Men’s Jewelry offer several styles, materials and colors of pendants to choose from for any fashion need. There are several different options with INOX to gift or wear yourself to feature almost any interest. Anchors, Animals, Biker, Bullets, Compass, Contemporary, Crosses, Crucifix, Dog Tag, Edgy, Engravable, Fish, Gemstones, Hammered, ID, Nero, Religious Jewelry, Skulls, Unique, Western, Canyon, Fish Hook, Arrow Head, Memorial, and American Flag are just some of the styles you can browse, purchase and collect to compose a collection of your own unique interest. Offered in black, silver and gold tones, INOX can accent your raiment. 


Chains and neckwear are timeless must-haves for a person to own and wear. INOX offers a full range of lengths to choose from starting at 20” up to 26” giving a person the option of mixing and matching chains to layer. INOX Men’s Jewelry has many in-demand chain types to choose from in both 18K Gold Plated and High Polished Steel with various thicknesses. For that special someone looking to try chains for the first time, or grow a collection, INOX presents an assortment of chains at an excellent price point to wear or gift. Miami Cuba, Paper Clip, Double Diamond Cut, Foxtail, Rattail, Boston Link, Classic Curb, Knife Edge, Wheat Chain, Lab-Grown Diamond inlay, Cubic Zirconia accented, and Figaro are just some of the many options available in the INOX chain collections. 

Shop INOX Men’s Jewelry for quality luxury pieces at affordable prices. Impress your friends, give that special someone a gift worth showing off, or create your own personal collection today.