Collection: Rembrandt Charms

Rembrandt is a family-owned and operated business with production in the United States of America as well as Canada. Rembrandt is a beautiful and versatile company offering thousands of charms that are both attractive and meaningful for anyone looking to personalize their jewelry collection. You can express yourself with grace and beauty in any of the charms to suit your preference. Select from the vast options with Rembrandt and create your own unique jewelry set to wear or gift today. Make matching bracelets to share wonderful memories with a loved one. Charms are offered in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10 and 14 Karat Yellow Gold, and 14 Karat White Gold to suit each person’s preferences or style choices. Sterling Silver charms and bracelets are Rhodium Plated to prevent tarnishing and give a lasting shine. You can start with one charm or several to create a collection for a lifetime of memories. 

Charm Bracelets

Rembrandt offers a variety of charm bracelets ready-made to suit your charm collection. With more than 30 options of bracelets to choose from ranging from 7 inches to 8 inches in length, you will find a bracelet to suit your needs and add a touch of elegance as you begin your charm set. Just as it is presented with the charms, the bracelets are also offered in Sterling Silver, Gold Plate, 10 and 14 Karat Yellow Gold, and 14 Karat White Gold to allow each person to match their fashion preference to a charm bracelet.  If you enjoy both white and yellow, blend the charms on your bracelet to complement your personal taste and wardrobe. Does your mom have a special bracelet representing her family and hobbies? Does your wife love to travel? Do you have kids or grandchildren who enjoy several extracurricular activities? Choose a bracelet today from Rembrandt and give your special someone the gift of wearable memories they can celebrate today. Precious memories in sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold are waiting for your selection today.

Possibilities are Boundless

There are over 25 collections in the Rembrandt Charm’s product lineup that allow for many different styles to come together under a cohesive lovely collaboration of Sterling Silver or Gold. The Photoart Charm collection alone allows for a gorgeous charm that captures your beloved memories in a special keepsake you can wear and take with you wherever you want to go.  Select a special photo today and capture that moment for a lifetime of memories you can share as you wear with a Rembrandt Photoart Charm. Is there a special pet you would love to show off as you hang out with your friends? Did you enjoy a special vacation that you would like to carry a precious keepsake of that you can take with you as you go on vacation or off to work? Rembrandt offers an exclusive process to turn your precious photograph into wearable art that will touch your heart and amaze your friends.


With Rembrandt Charms, it is easy to show off your family members’ charms that you can select to represent your loved ones. You can add engravings to give that special touch and show your friends, family, and neighbors a special token of your affection you can wear and treasure. Whether a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent, daughter, or son, Rembrandt has a charm you can order today to signify your loved ones in sterling silver and/or gold. Is there a special moment you would like to capture forever? Is there a particular remembrance you want to hold onto as a keepsake for your memories?  The design team at Rembrandt has created many options to choose from as you personalize your charm bracelet or necklace. Honor the past and keep your loved ones close as you keep a token to remember the affection of a special treasured family member on your bracelet. Add custom engraving to your charm and capture a name, date, or phrase on a charm you can wear for a lifetime of happy remembrances.

Sport Charms

Do you enjoy sports activities? Do you have a child who loves to play for a team? Do you enjoy a hobby you would like to represent in your jewelry? Rembrandt offers many different options for athletes to represent their sports events and athletic enthusiasts to celebrate their teams or hobbies. With many different sport charms to choose from, you are able to personalize your bracelet, necklace or even anklet in a unique set of charms you can choose, customize, and celebrate as your very own sport representation. Don’t forget to personally select a special sports number, team name or player that can be engraved on the charms of your choice.

Rembrandt Charms is the jewelry you have been looking for to enjoy your special moments. Make every day special with a Rembrandt charm bracelet that you personally selected and put together your own personal flair to show off today.