Certified Watch Repair:

Heirloom quality watches may not operate at peak function and can stop working entirely without regular care and maintenance. Although you will find all kinds of quick-fix watch shops and even online instructions for how to repair watches yourself, we do not recommend trusting you fine timepiece to anyone but a professional. Our Rolex repair shop is complete with state-of-the-art tools that meet the impeccable standards one would expect from a company renowned for excellence. As such, our watch-smiths use Rolex tools and Rolex parts.


Mechanical watches, in particular, require service approximately every five years because they will dry out, which will affect the accuracy of the watch and cause parts to wear. Think about the engines in luxury automobiles, the watch may run for a long time without service, but the parts will dry and wear out. The lack of preventative maintenance results in reduced function and more costly repairs.


If you have a watch that has not been worn for years, or Perhaps one you have inherited or found in an antique shop, it is probably in need of service.  Regular use ensures that active gears and parts distribute lubricants evenly throughout the movement. When a watch sits idle, these oils either dry out or disperse unevenly. In a complete watch overhaul our technician will disassemble the watch , remove all traces of old lubricant, re-oil and reassemble & movement, and adjust the timing to standard factory specifications. He will then re-finish the exterior of the case and bracelet, removing most of the scratches and restoring the original finish.


Properly maintained, fine watches have the potential to keep accurate time for centuries, and we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of you timepiece. As with our jewelry repair, we begin all of our watch services with a free initial inspection and estimate. Because we value fine jewelry  as much as you do, you can be assured that we will treat your watch with the respect and care it deserves. Your watch is also 100% covered by Jewelers Mutual, the leader in jewelry store insurance, while in our care.