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Anna Beck

Sterling Silver Mini Circle Stud Earrings with Tension Back | Anna Beck

Sterling Silver Mini Circle Stud Earrings with Tension Back | Anna Beck

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Because your story never ends, build your collection to reflect your unique experience.

Wire-rimmed 18k gold-plated over sterling silver mini circle stud earrings on sterling silver post.


Wire-rimmed sterling silver mini circle stud earrings on sterling silver post.

Handcrafted in Bali.

Diameter - 5/16"

Mix, match, add and subtract—your stack is your story.


Avonlea Jewelry is the area's only Authorized Dealer for Anna Beck Jewelry.

Anna Beck began out of love and deep appreciation for Bali, an island that is rooted in tradition and gratitude.

At Anna Beck, traditional Balinese jewelry techniques are used by skilled artisans who create each piece by hand, sometimes taking up to three days to make from start to finish. Made with love and precision, every Anna Beck piece is unique and one of a kind. Our commitment to quality and tradition is at the heart of who we are.



Why is Anna Beck jewelry so admired and sought after?  Why do so many movie stars, models, and women who can afford anything they want choose jewelry by Anna Beck? The number one reason, by far, is its sheer beauty - it’s as lovely and enchanting as the wondrous island of Bali, which is where every Anna Beck piece is painstakingly crafted by hand.  Using ancient jewelry-making techniques that have been passed down for centuries, from family to family, highly skilled Balinese artisans rely on their years of experience and well-developed skills to create some of the most unique and eye-catching pieces of jewelry that can be found anywhere on earth.

But as important as their beauty is, that’s not the only reason Anna Beck’s jewelry designs are so popular.  There are a couple of other extremely important factors - the quality of the jewelry, and the integrity and reliability of the company. At Avonlea Jewelers, we could sell virtually any brand of jewelry in existence, but we choose not to.  In fact; we put our name behind very few brands of jewelry.  That’s because our most precious possession is our great reputation, and we want to make sure we protect and preserve it by supplying our customers only with jewelry from companies that produce the quality of jewelry our customers deserve, and who demonstrate the integrity that is the hallmark of a great company.  And Anna Beck is one of the rare companies creating jewelry that’s not only stunningly beautiful, but also very high quality. That’s what makes it good enough for the Avonlea name. Anna Beck is famous for its integrity and for beauty and quality of its jewelry pieces, and Avonlea is proud to be an authorized Anna Beck distributor.

The Founder

Another reason Anna Beck stands apart from ordinary jewelry companies is that it wasn’t started by a group of corporate business types who just decided one day to branch out into a new field and get into the jewelry business. Anna Beck was founded and built by one woman, Becky Hosmer, and she is still the head designer at the company today. In fact, although she spends most of her time in the United States, she still maintains a second home in Bali, in order to stay connected to the island that first inspired her. This also allows her to maintain a great relationship with the local Balinese artists who create each of her designs by hand, and to oversee the jewelry-making process.

At many jewelry companies, the designs for their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are simply based on copying other designs that are popular and selling well.  That’s why so many jewelry pieces you see these days looks so much alike – because the designs aren’t based on a creative person’s unique artistic vision but are simply copies of other companies’ designs.

But at Anna Beck, that’s not the case at all.  Each earring, cocktail ring, bracelet and Circle of Life necklace from Anna Beck reflects the one of a kind personal vision of Becky Hosmer, which is why they stand out from the crowd of jewelry pieces from other companies. Just as with paintings by great artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, each piece in this wonderful collection is guided by the artist’s unique vision and is instantly recognizable as an Anna Beck creation. When you choose to wear one of these lovely and captivating pieces, you’ll be demonstrating to the world that you refuse to settle for the average, the ordinary, or the mediocre, and that you’ve got an eye for true beauty.  Some of the most popular pieces are the chandelier earrings, and the saddle ring.

Becky Hosmer believes that every piece of jewelry a woman owns becomes an irreplaceable part of who she is. Each piece helps her establish her own identity, by setting herself apart from everyone else, while also helping her forge strong and lasting connections with others.  This is why she puts so much thought and time into designing each new piece of the Anna Beck Labradorite collection, starting over from scratch, again and again, until the final design is just right. And spending much of her time in Bali allows her to improvise and make changes to the jewelry-making process on the spot if it’s ever necessary.

For all these reasons, and many more, Anna Beck jewelry is truly one of a kind, and you won’t find this combination of beauty, uniqueness, and quality anywhere else. On that fateful day when Becky Hosmer first visited Bali and was inspired by the beauty of the island, its people, and its art, the world of jewelry changed forever.  Her love and appreciation of Bali and the Balinese people and culture led her to found the Anna Beck company (which is from her own name, Becky Anne) and give the world some of the most unforgettable jewelry pieces in existence anywhere.

Even better, Anna Beck pieces are remarkably affordable, especially when you consider that none of the jewelry from this unique company is made by a machine. When you wear Anna Beck jewelry, your friends and acquaintances will not only constantly admire and comment on it, they’ll also find it hard to believe that it was made by hand.  Take some time and explore everything Anna Beck offers right here on our website.  Don’t be surprised when you start to think that each piece is even more gorgeous than the one you just looked at.  That’s a common reaction – whether it’s the hammered metals and natural stone labradorite of AB Stacks, the intoxicating, shimmering grey blues of the Pacifica Collection, or the timeless pieces of the Classics Collection, all of Anna Beck’s jewelry is so gorgeous that you won’t know where to begin. Don’t worry about having trouble finding something you like – the only problem you’ll have when browsing Avonlea’s offerings of Anna Beck jewelry is finding something you don’t want.

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